Scotland Bill Committee Stage briefing

Post date: 
30 June 2015

CPAG in Scotland briefing on proposed amendments to the Scotland Bill 2015 Committee Stage Part 3 Clauses 19-30, which sets out our concerns relating to the 'welfare' clauses of the Scotland Bill 2015.

These include:

  • the implications of the narrow definition of 'disability' at clause 19
  • the limitations placed by clause 19 on the eligibility criteria for any new devolved carers' benefit
  • the limitation on eligibility for discretionary housing payments within clause 22
  • the limitations placed on eligibility for discretionary payments in clause 23 e.g. when someone has been sanctioned
  • the failure to include 'families under exceptional pressure' amongst the categories of person potentially eligible for 'occasional financial or other assistance' at clause 23.

Amendments 128, 48, 129, 116, 117, 130 and 131 address these concerns.