Progression to work pathfinders: a submission by CPAG | CPAG

Progression to work pathfinders: a submission by CPAG

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03 February 2012

This is a submission by CPAG on the Income Support and Employment and Support Allowance (Work-Focused Interviews, Work-Related Activity, etc.) (Lone Parents and Partners) Regulations 2010.

CPAG has already put on record its opposition to increased conditionality and in particular its criticism of the requirement that most lone parents should be required to claim income based job seekers allowance and be available for work as soon as their youngest child is seven years old. CPAG opposes any extension of work related benefit schemes that involve the use of sanctions. Whatever the potential advantages for claimants of developing contacts with the labour market and acquiring new skills necessary for returning to work, we believe these are offset by the adverse impact of sanctions on the poorest and most disadvantaged claimants. If the DWP proceeds with this scheme we think they are, in effect, ignoring the intentions underlying the Child Poverty Act which came into law on 26 March 2010. CPAG requested the SSAC not to support this scheme as it stands.