Parliamentary briefing: child poverty in London, February 2018 | CPAG

Parliamentary briefing: child poverty in London, February 2018

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20 February 2018

On Thursday 22nd February, MPs will debate ‘Child Poverty in London’ in parliament. We have produced a briefing for MPs, incorporating the latest End Child Poverty statistics, released in early 2018, and the latest CPAG research. The briefing explores the main causes and solutions to child poverty, at a local and national level, and sets out why child poverty makes us all poorer.

There were 4 million children living in poverty in the UK in 2015-16. That’s 30 per cent of children, or 9 in a classroom of 30. Projections indicate that under current policies this is likely to rise to 5.2 million by 2021-22. When kids grow up poor they miss out – and so do the rest of us. They miss out on the things most children take for granted: warm clothes, school trips, having friends over for tea. They do less well at school and earn less as adults.

Different regions face differing child poverty rates, related to differences in labour market characteristics and the cost of housing. London has the highest child poverty rate of all UK regions and this is expected to remain the case over the coming years. However some other regions are expected to see more rapid increases. In the North East for example, child poverty is expected to rise by eleven percentage points between 2013-15 and 2019-21.