Opposition Day Debate: Pause and fix of roll-out of Universal Credit briefing for MPs

Post date: 
18 October 2017

Read our briefing for MPs in advance of the Opposition Day Debate: Pause and fix of roll-out of Universal Credit, after Prime Minister’s Questions, Wednesday 18th October 2017.

CPAG’s Early Warning System, and other evidence, shows that UC continues to be beset by systemic design problems, as well as serious operational issues. Delays, changes to entitlements and reported administrative problems have raised serious concern that universal credit will contribute to increased rates of child poverty.  And the Government’s latest evaluation shows the impact of UC on employment is small.

CPAG believes the Government should pause and fix Universal Credit. It should: 

  • Reverse the freeze to the child element of UC and child benefit. Across the UK this could keep up to 400,000 children from poverty.
  • Restore work allowances, keeping up to 300,000 children from poverty.
  • Lift the two-child limit, keeping up to 200,000 children from poverty.
  • Remove the benefit cap, keeping up to 100,000 children from poverty.