Local Authorities and Child Poverty: balancing threats and opportunities

Post date: 
17 July 2013

Local authorities and child poverty cover

This report outlines the impact of welfare reforms on local authorities – including the costs to local areas of child poverty - and explores how they and their partner organisations manage the impact of these reforms. It draws upon a series of roundtable events CPAG held in March 2013 for local authority and partner staff, and includes their policy recommendations for central Government.

To see the cost of child poverty broken down by local authority area and constituency, download the spreadsheet on the right. These figures were calculated from a UK national figure of £29 billion a year and are based on the population size and child poverty rate within each local authority area. The full national costs are made up of:

  • £15 billion spent on services to deal with consequences of child poverty
  • £3½ billion lost in tax receipts from people earning less as a result of having grown up in poverty
  • £2 billion spent on benefits for people spending more time out of work as a result of having grown up in poverty
  • £8½ billion lost to individuals in net earnings (after paying tax)

This local authority project is kindly supported by the Barrow Cadbury Trust.