Falling Through the Net - Briefing 4 | CPAG

Falling Through the Net - Briefing 4

Post date: 
22 June 2021

This briefing is the fourth in a series of regular briefings which highlight some of the persistent gaps in support that exist for children and families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Evidence of these gaps is drawn from our Early Warning System (EWS) which collects case studies from frontline practitioners working directly with families on the problems they are seeing with the social security system.

Our focus is now on the persistent, unresolved issues, which are now affecting people in far greater numbers as more people seek help from our social security system to get by.

In this briefing:

  • European nationals being locked out of the benefit system;
  • families saddled with repayments after a DWP error led to a benefit overpayment; and
  • families facing financial difficulty because the DWP gave them the wrong advice.