Digital exclusion during the pandemic

Post date: 
13 January 2021

To solve the immediate issues surrounding digital exclusion, CPAG and Children North East urge the government to:

  • Rapidly speed up the distribution timetable of the 440,000 purchased devices that are currently available to schools.
  • Ensure that every child across England has access to a device for learning and other essential items. This can be done by:
    • Increasing the number of devices schools can apply for, enabling them to meet the needs of their school communities.
    • Providing parents or schools with cash grants allowing them to purchase any ICT equipment that is needed so pupils can learn from home. This may include laptops and WIFI, as well as printers and printer ink.
  • Increase child benefit by £10 a week to ensure families have enough money to meet the additional financial pressures placed on families as a result of having children learning at home.