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Why the new figures on child poverty need to be heard across the country

Published on: 
13 June 2016
Written by: 

Jessica Sinclair Taylor
Former senior communications and campaigns officer

We need your help. In two weeks’ time, the government will publish statistics for 2014/15 (the most up to date available) on how many children are growing up in poverty. We need to make sure as many people hear about this as possible.

While experts project that by 2020, as many as 50% more children could be in poverty, this new batch of statistics may or may not show much change from the last round, which found 3.7 million children are in poverty in the UK.

What they will show, and what we mustn’t forget, is that levels of child poverty in our country are still unacceptably high. Every child counted in the government statistics represents a very real experience of missing out: on the things other children take for granted, such as a warm home or school day-trip, as well as the opportunities and chances that every child deserves.

So here’s where you come in.

We’re asking our supporters up and down the country to write to their local newspaper to publicise these statistics. We’ll be doing our best to get the message out to national media, but we know local media has a big reach and local newspapers are much more trusted by the public than national papers.

The more people hear about the reality of child poverty in the UK, and care about it, the greater our chances of improving the situation for those children.

Sign up to take part by dropping me an email, telling us where you live and the name of your local newspaper. When the statistics are released, on 28th June, we’ll be in touch with more information and a template letter for you to tweak as you wish.

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