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Welfare Reform and Work Bill: Peers vote to retain poverty measures

Published on: 
25 January 2016

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) welcomes the House of Lords vote today to retain the statutory duty to measure and report on income poverty which the Government wanted to scrap. Measures in the Welfare Reform & Work Bill which were voted down today would scrap the statutory duty to measure and report on income-based poverty, replacing it with only a duty to report on the number of workless households and children’s attainment at GCSE.

Welcoming the Lords vote, Child Poverty Action Group Chief Executive Alison Garnham said:

“Today’s vote by the House of Lords shows how much of a mess the Government has got itself into on poverty.

 “It’s needed the House of Lords to act and insist that, yes, the Government should continue to report to parliament on what’s happening to child poverty and, yes, that when you talk about poverty and life chances, you cannot simply ignore income. The Lords is on the side of the experts and the public here.

 “MPs now have a chance to demonstrate their commitment to tackling child poverty by holding on to the Lords amendment when the Bill comes back to them.”

Note to Editors:

(1) CPAG is the leading charity campaigning for the abolition of child poverty in the UK and for a better deal for low-income families and children.

(2) CPAG is the host organisation for the Campaign to End Child Poverty coalition, which has members from across civil society including children’s charities, faith groups, unions and other civic sector organisation, united in their campaigning for public and political commitment to ensure the goal of ending child poverty by 2020 is met.

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