Response to latest Scottish child payment statistics

Published on: 
01 June 2022
Written by: 

John Dickie

Director of CPAG in Scotland

“It’s great to see so many families already benefiting from the Scottish child payment. We know that this extra cash support is really making a difference to families – acting as a buffer and easing the financial stress they are under. The payment is playing a vital role in preventing and reducing child poverty in Scotland. The roll out to all eligible under sixteens really can’t come quickly enough.

 In the meantime it is vital that work is done to understand why processing times are getting longer and what lies behind the number of successful redeterminations. Getting decisions right and made in good time is important to making sure families get the support they need when they need it.  It’s also important to continue to focus on increasing take up of the new payment, especially at a time when costs are really hurting family budgets. We would urge all families in receipt of universal credit or other low income benefits and with a child under 6 to make sure they have claimed the payment. And If they aren’t getting universal credit but are struggling financially, whether in or out of work, they should check whether they are entitled.“


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