Response to JRF referendum briefing on child poverty | CPAG

Response to JRF referendum briefing on child poverty

Published on: 
05 February 2014

The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland today responded to a Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) referendum paper on child poverty. The JRF paper highlights the significant falls in child poverty since 2001, but says further progress hinges upon tackling poverty among families where no adults are in paid work and that poverty must be central to the independence debate.

John Dickie, Head of CPAG in Scotland, said;

"After a decade or more of very real progress independent forecasts now suggest an explosion in child poverty as a result of current UK government tax and benefit policy. This JRF briefing highlights the need to focus support on families who are unable to work as well as those in work. The challenge now for all sides in the independence debate is to help build the public support and political will needed to invest in social security and childcare as well as create a far fairer distribution of rewards and opportunities in the workplace, wherever powers end up lying."