Response to announcement of the 2016-17 London Living Wage rate | CPAG

Response to announcement of the 2016-17 London Living Wage rate

Published on: 
31 October 2016

Responding today to the announcement of the 2016-17 London Living Wage rate, Child Poverty Action Group Chief Executive Alison Garnham said:

“A London Living Wage rate for 2016-17 of £9.75 is a beacon of good news on a pretty grim horizon for the capital's families. 4 in 10 London children live in poverty, over half of these children live in a family where someone is in work so the London Living Wage provides an important mechanism to reduce in-work poverty in London.

“Low pay leaves working families struggling to afford the capital’s higher housing, childcare, and living costs, whilst also deterring mothers in couples from working.

"We know that the causes of child poverty are complex and a package of solutions across different policy areas are needed to tackle it; the London Living Wage is an essential part of that mix of solutions. Currently around a fifth of people living in London are paid below the London Living Wage and the number of low-paid jobs in London is on the increase, which is why we would encourage all London local authorities to become accredited Living Wage employers and the London Enterprise Panel to take a leading role in promoting the benefits of the London Living Wage to private sector employers in London."