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Reports and articles update

Published on: 
13 June 2017

Child poverty in Scotland – what we know and what the public thinks (June 2017) An accessible booklet from the Scottish Government and Poverty Alliance, setting out what we know about child poverty in Scotland – what it is, how common it is, what life’s like for families in poverty, why children are in poverty and mismatches between what the public think living in poverty is like and its reality.

Money Matters: Does Money Affect Children's Outcomes? A Systematic Review An updated review from the London School of Economics of causal evidence on whether or not money itself matters for children’s development. The update provides further strong evidence of the link between money and children’s cognitive development, physical health and social and behavioural development.

Poverty and child health: views from the frontline Report from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) and Child Poverty Action Group, based on a survey of more than 250 paediatricians, on the effect which food insecurity, poor housing and worry, stress and stigma is increasingly having on children’s health.

Holiday hunger is a human rights issue – Scotland’s children have the right to food This piece from the office of Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People argues that child poverty and lack of food in the school holidays must be recognised as a significant children’s rights issue in Scotland.