People Like Us

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15 October 2013

The shocking truth about 'Benefits Britain' is that people receiving benefits are just like us.

The real story behind the scaremongering is that many Scottish families rely on benefits and tax credits to top up low pay, to provide a lifeline during tough times or to manage unexpected life changes such as a disability or illness.

The current debate around social security is failing ordinary Scottish families. Our latest campaign calls for the rejection of misleading stereotypes of benefit claimants and for a debate around benefits that reflects the needs of ordinary families.

The campaign is supported by polling which finds that the majority of people surveyed in Scotland reject the idea that the Coalition government understands the concerns of people on low and middle incomes. The poll also found that only:

  • 22% of respondents surveyed in Scotland believe the social security system would provide them with adequate support if they lost their job;
  • 32% believe it would support them adequately were they to have a child;
  • and only 30% if they were to become ill or disabled.

It's time to drop the inaccurate and misleading stereotypes and begin a sensible debate that will lead to policies that promote jobs, tackle low pay, promote affordable housing and help people with the costs of raising children.

Challenge Poverty Week

'People like us' was formally launched in Scotland at a Roundtable Seminar hosted by CPAG in Scotland as part of Challenge Poverty Week on Wednesday 16 October.

The event highlighted key research and campaign activity around attitudes to social security and poverty in Scotland. Contributors to the event included journalist and broadcaster Keith Aitken, John McKendrick of Glasgow Caledonian University, John Downie Director of Communications at SCVO and Peter Kelly Director of Poverty Alliance.

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