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09 October 2020

Welfare Rights Conference 2020 - Social Security in a Rapidly Changing World

Our annual Welfare Rights Conference is moving online for 2020 and going virtual during the week of the 23rd November.

With a selection of online workshops to choose from, exploring topics as diverse as Benefits after the end of Free Movement to Benefits and Covid-19, the event will provide practical, up-to-date information to help both advisers and their clients survive the impact of all the current circumstances and changes.

In moving online and running repeat sessions on different days, our hope is to make this year’s conference our most accessible yet. For whilst it’s not life as usual at present, the opportunity to meet – albeit virtually – and examine some of the most pressing welfare rights issues, is arguably more important than ever.

Format and workshops

Our event this year will take full advantage of the benefits of digitalisation to provide delegates with access to more content than ever before!

With five different workshops to choose from, a conference ticket provides access to two live workshops – both selected at the time of booking - each lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes.

In addition, delegates will receive time-limited access to pre-recorded versions of the 3 workshops they don’t attend, for over 5 hours of content in total, together with full notes and slides from each workshop and keynote recordings from a number of guest speakers too.


  • Benefits after the end of Free Movement
  • Benefits and Covid-19: A New Normal
  • Is that it? Deductions from UC
  • Judicial Review: using the pre-action protocol to achieve results
  • ‘Migration to UC


Live workshops will be held during the week of the 23rd November, with repeat sessions on different days to help ensure the event is accessible to as many people as possible.

Pre-recorded versions of all 5 workshops will be made available to ticket holders, for a limited period, during the week commencing the 30th November.

More information
For more information, including detailed descriptions of all the workshops, dates for the live sessions and booking information, please click here.

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