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Our programme for the 2015 government

Published on: 
08 April 2015
Written by: 

Imran Hussain
Former director of policy, rights and advocacy

Whoever wins on May 7 will be confronted by a child poverty crisis. That’s why CPAG today publishes its Programme for Government, a document setting out what the next Government must do to put the UK on track to end child poverty.

Read CPAG’s Programme for Government.

CPAG’s Programme for Government is based on the evidence of what works. As our Chief Executive Alison Garnham puts it: “Our recommendations reflect the urgent need for a long term plan and commitment to ending child poverty, but also for smaller, more immediate changes that will prevent suffering in the here and now.”

The recommendations:

First 100 days

- Make ending child poverty a national economic and social policy priority

First year

- Develop, fund and implement a long term plan to end child poverty

- Back working parents by helping them bring home a decent income and by strengthening universal credit

- Reduce the demand for foodbanks by ending costly delays and poor decision making in the benefits system

Over the Parliament

- Protect families from rising living costs by restoring the value of children’s benefits, protecting them with a ‘triple lock’ and poverty-proofing the school day

- Develop and fund an ambitious childcare strategy

How you can help:

Let the candidates standing in your constituency know that you think child poverty matters in this election by asking them whether they support this Programme for Government.