NEW Cost of living topic area

Published on: 
23 March 2023

Created for advisers, this new area of the website features time-saving checklists to help you find additional sources of support for your clients after you've completed a general benefit check.

Saving you time

Each individual checklist is designed around clients in particular situations, such as ill health and disability, having children, or being an unpaid carer.
Using the checklists, advisers can quickly find ideas for benefit maximisation and other sources of help, alongside links to further information on AskCPAG and other websites.

Saveable, printable, easy-to-use

Each checklist has expandable headings making them easy to use, with the facility to print off the relevant sections and hide anything that’s not required.

The topic area also provides links to other useful information, for example the most recent articles from our Welfare Rights Bulletin on cost of living payments; and resources to help advisers with their local and national social policy work.