Make work fair for parents and give children decent childhoods, say UNISON and CPAG | CPAG

Make work fair for parents and give children decent childhoods, say UNISON and CPAG

Published on: 
05 May 2015

CPAG, Scotland’s most high profile child poverty charity, and UNISON, Scotland’s biggest trade union have joined together to call on political parties to lay out policies to tackle in-work poverty.

The call comes as the two organisations release their report Fair Work and Decent Childhoods – policies for those who work to live lives free of poverty. They call for investment in the social security system and say we must not allow a race to the bottom on skills, pay and insecure work.

John Dickie, Director of the Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland said ‘“The new UK government will inherit a child poverty crisis with a shocking 59% of poor children in Scotland living in working families. For the future of our children and our economy we need urgent action to make work fair for parents and allow them to give their children the decent childhoods they deserve. That’s why as anti-poverty campaigners and trade unionists we have united in setting out three key priorities for the new government – decent pay, family friendly workplaces and investment in in-work benefits.”

Dave Watson, UNISON Scottish organiser said ‘It is an utter scandal that so many are low paid in Scotland. UNISON has to fight in some sectors to get the minimum wage paid never mind the living wage. We have joined with anti-poverty campaigners to call on the next UK Government to tackle work insecurity, rebalance employment rights, and support work life balance and high quality childcare. Out evidence is parents overwhelmingly want to work they just deserve fair pay and decent family friendly jobs’

The report calls on the next UK government to invest in both public services and the social security system and to make sure work is family friendly.