London families need jobs they can raise a family on | CPAG

London families need jobs they can raise a family on

Published on: 
20 October 2011

In response to the publication of the London Poverty Profile published today by the Trust for London, Alison Garnham, Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) said:

“This valuable, in-depth report is the latest to spell out the extent and the depth of poverty facing London’s children.

“With over 600,000 children in poverty, the capital’s children have the worst start in life than children in any other region and many will never fully recover from the impact this will have on their childhoods and life chances. As London families get increasingly squeezed between rocketing living costs and stagnant or falling incomes, politicians cannot just stand by and watch.

“In particular, we need real action to stop the ranks of London’s working poor swelling even further. Better financial support for those on low wages, affordable childcare and better part time opportunities are essential so parents can have jobs they can raise a family on.”

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Imran Hussain Head of Policy, Rights & Advocacy, CPAG

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