IFS report reveals child poverty about to surge | CPAG

IFS report reveals child poverty about to surge

Published on: 
02 March 2016

Responding to today’s IFS poverty projections, Imran Hussain, Director of Policy at Child Poverty Action Group, said:

“The prime minister has promised an all- out assault on poverty but we're facing a full blown child poverty crisis as a result of government tax and benefit policy choices which have prioritised tax cuts for richer groups rather than help for low income families.

“These are dire and deeply worrying projections that Ministers must take on board. As today’s analysis clearly shows, the only reason we’ve had no increase in relative child poverty in recent years was because median incomes failed to increase as expected - which, as the report points out, is “remarkable by historical standards”.

“ We need to act on the evidence and stop child poverty going up by giving children the kind of triple lock protection that has rightly helped to keep so many pensioners above the poverty line. ”