Free access to our Debt Advice Handbook

Published on: 
28 March 2023

CPAG’s Debt Advice Handbook is free to access online, thanks to a partnership with The Money and Pensions Service.

The Debt Advice Handbook provides the most comprehensive information needed by advisers on the key stages of money advice, including on interviewing clients, establishing liability, prioritising debts, preparing a financial statement, negotiating with creditors and dealing with bailiffs.

The handbook focuses on taking due care of vulnerable clients and making sure that any payment arrangements agreed are appropriate. There is an emphasis on sustainable credit arrangements that do not affect a client’s abilities to pay essential living expenses and priority debts.

Some of the most popular chapters of our Debt Advice Handbook include ‘Dealing with priority debts’, ‘Personal insolvency’ and more recently ‘Student debt’. CPAG are proud to provide free access to the handbook at a time when it is needed more than ever.The online handbook will be updated regularly to reflect any changes and to make sure that you have the latest information you need to understand your rights.