Encouraging progress on Local Child Poverty Action Reports but more needed to deliver ‘step change’, say campaigners | CPAG

Encouraging progress on Local Child Poverty Action Reports but more needed to deliver ‘step change’, say campaigners

Published on: 
26 November 2019

The statutory Poverty and Inequality Commission has today welcomed the “innovation and enthusiasm” in tackling child poverty across Scotland in their review of Scotland’s first set of Local Child Poverty Action Reports. While the Commission welcomed examples of “truly excellent work”, they also cautioned that there was a need to understand why the “excellent” national guidance for developing Local Child Poverty Action Reports is not fully reflected in the reports, and to consider what additional support local partners might need to develop, implement and evaluate effective action plans.

Welcoming today's review, John Dickie, Director of the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland, said:

"A huge amount of hard work is going on locally in Scotland to tackle child poverty, which this review reflects. With one in four of Scotland’s children again living in poverty it is impossible to understate how important these efforts are.

This is the first year of local action reports and there is much to learn and build on. As the Commission says the guidance for creating a Local Child Poverty Action Report is hugely helpful in setting out how to create the ‘step change’ needed if we are serious about ending child poverty as a nation. As local partners develop the next round of action reports it vital that they have top level leadership and continue to draw on the national guidance, guidance that the Commission describes as “excellent.”



In recognition of the important role that local areas play in tackling poverty, the Child Poverty (Scotland) Act 2017 included a duty where local authorities and health boards need to report on what they are doing to reduce child poverty. The first of the Local Child Poverty Reports were published on 30 June 2019. The Commission were asked to undertake a review of these reports by the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government.

More details of the Poverty and Inequality Commission’s report can be found at: https://povertyinequality.scot/publication/review-of-the-local-child-pov...

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