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Early Warning System leaflet & quarterly report

Published on: 
30 November 2016

We have produced a new leaflet for our Early Warning System (EWS) project which collects and analyses case studies about how changes to the benefit system are affecting families. The case studies help us develop an in-depth understanding of the impact of changes to the benefit system and to identify how policies and services in Scotland can continue to contribute to the delivery of better outcomes for children.

Read our EWS quarterly report which looks at emerging issues here.

If you, or any of your colleagues, advise families who have been affected by benefit changes, and you think that someone needs to know about their experience, then you might want to get involved in our EWS. We have collected more than 2,500 case studies, but we need to collect more from frontline workers who have face to face contact with families and a real understanding of the impacts of welfare reform on the ground. In return you will receive regular updates about our findings and priority for a number of spaces at our EWS seminars.

If you would be interested in submitting case studies or have any queries about the EWS please get in touch with: Kirsty McKechnie (Welfare Rights Officer) tel: 0141 611 7091, email: [email protected].

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