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DWP finds bedroom tax deepens poverty and doesn't free up accommodation

Published on: 
17 December 2015

Responding to the DWP’s own evaluation of the bedroom tax, published today, Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group Alison Garnham, said:

 “The DWP’s own evaluation finds that the ‘bedroom tax’ is not only pushing families into hardship but it’s also failing to free up more accommodation for families, the key argument ministers used to justify this controversial policy. This is a long and deep look at a hugely controversial policy – it really should not have been released just as MPs rise for Christmas.

“Few of those no longer affected by the bedroom cap cited moving to different accommodation as the reason why they were no longer affected. Only one in nine escaped the ‘bedroom tax’ by moving to a different property. The vast majority of those affected were still affected nine months later. Nearly half of the households, who were no longer affected by the bedroom tax, had fallen out of its scope because of changes in the number and ages of people in the household and a fifth because of increased income.

 “For families with children, moving children out of their current school was the biggest barrier to moving.

 “That helps explain why so few of those currently affected are looking to move. The research shows what anyone working with families already knows: the bedroom tax is forcing people to cut back on the basics of living – food, clothing and footwear.

 “Affected households were also twice as likely as others to resort to borrowing.”

Notes to Editors:

The DWP’s report is here https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/fil...

 See figure 3.1 on why people are no longer affected

 See table 3.2 for findings on borrowing and

 See table 3.4 for findings on how affected households have cut spending

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