CPAG response to Tackling Child Poverty Progress Report

Published on: 
23 June 2021
Written by: 

John Dickie

Director of CPAG in Scotland

For immediate release

Wednesday 23rd June 2021


Child poverty progress report “stark and urgent reminder that far, far more action and investment is needed to meet Scotland’s child poverty targets” say campaigners


John Dickie, Director of the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland, today (Wed 23rd June) responded to the Scottish Government’s third Annual Tackling Child Poverty Progress Report. The report is a statutory requirement under the 2017 Child Poverty (Scotland) Act and sets out the progress made towards meeting legally binding child poverty targets.


Speaking following the Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice’s statement on the Report to Parliament. Mr Dickie said;


“This report shows that important foundations have been laid and substantive action taken to tackle child poverty in Scotland. Most significantly struggling families are already benefiting from the use of Scottish social security powers to deliver best start grants and the new Scottish child payment. But this progress report is above all a stark and urgent reminder that far more investment is needed to meet Scotland’s child poverty targets. By 2023 around 80 000 children need to be lifted out of poverty to meet the interim target. To achieve this the immediate priority must be to increase the Scottish child payment. If we are serious about protecting our children and meeting our targets it must be doubled to £20 per week in the first year of this parliament as the first step. Adequate social security for hard up families is the foundation on which wider action to improve income from employment, improve access to childcare and ensure housing is genuinely affordable can be built.”


The Child Poverty (Scotland) Act 2017 requires Scottish Ministers to ensure less than 18% of children are living in poverty by 2023/24 and less than 10% of children are living in poverty by 2030. The latest official statistics (for 2019/20) show that 26% of children (260 000 children) were living in poverty in Scotland.





For further details contact John Dickie, Director of CPAG in Scotland, on 07795 340 618


The Scottish Government’s third Annual Tackling Child Poverty Progress Report is published here


CPAG in Scotland works for the one in four children in Scotland growing up in poverty. We collect evidence from families living in poverty and campaign for solutions to bring about a society where children have a fair chance in life free from hardship. We provide training, advice and information on social security to frontline workers to make sure families get the financial support they need.