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CPAG responds to Prime Minister’s ‘shared society’ speech

Published on: 
09 January 2017

Commenting on the Prime Minister's speech today, Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group, Alison Garnham, said:

"There are nearly 4 million UK children in poverty so the Prime Minister is absolutely right to say Government should commit to a programme of social reform which adds up to more than policies for dysfunctional families or for our very brightest children.

“It's confusing to talk about just-about-managing families as one set of people and people on low incomes as another.

“They are the same people. We know that under current policies, today's just-about-managing families will be tipped into hardship, and children into poverty, in the years ahead.

“For families, the bottom line is whether they are they going to be better or worse off.  Will policies making them poorer change? Will the huge cuts in the real value of child benefit be reversed? Will the Government listen to cross-party concern and rethink the cuts to benefits targeted at those in low-paid work?”


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