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Cost of the School Holidays project

Published on: 
29 June 2015

Glasgow Life are working together with CPAG in Scotland on a 3 month project to research what the school holidays are like for families in Glasgow struggling to survive on low incomes. This research seeks to identify the barriers and challenges low income families currently face in accessing holiday childcare and organised children's activities in Glasgow.

The project uses focus groups as well as a parent survey to explore the key pressures and costs low income families experience, and the ways these impact their access to existing holiday provision with a view to reconfiguring services accordingly to alleviate the key pressures that the holidays present.

We would like to hear from those in the voluntary sector in Glasgow with direct experience of working with low-income families to gain an understanding of their unique perspective and would appreciate it if you were able to share your insights by completing this brief 10 minute survey.

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