Chancellor fails the children who need him the most

Published on: 
23 March 2022
Written by: 

John Dickie

Director of CPAG in Scotland

Chancellor fails the children who needed him the most

- benefits must be brought in line with inflation

- Scottish consequentials must be used to provide direct cash support to hard up families


Responding to the Chancellor’s Spring Statement, John Dickie Director of Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland, said:


“Today the Chancellor could have helped millions of families in Scotland and across the UK cope with spiralling costs – but instead he failed the children who needed him the most. The measures he announced don’t come close to bridging the gap between what the lowest income families have and what they need. It will leave tens of thousands of children stranded in the face of the highest prices in a generation.


The Chancellor should have increased benefits to match inflation – the most efficient way to help hard-pressed households. But on current plans he will impose a real terms cut of £663 a year on families on universal credit at the worst possible time. That will leave millions without enough to live on. Today, the UK government looks increasingly remote from real life families.”


Responding to the commitment of a further £500 million for the Household Support Fund and the planned income tax cut in the rest of the UK in 2024/25 Mr Dickie continued;


It is vital that any consequential funding resulting from the additional investment in the Household Support Fund this year, and from the planned tax cut in the rest of the UK in 2024/25, is used to provide direct cash support to Scotland’s lowest income families. All eyes are now on Holyrood tomorrow for the Scottish governments new child poverty delivery plan, and what we hope will be a very different approach to supporting children and families.”