Budget fails Scotland’s families, say child poverty campaigners | CPAG

Budget fails Scotland’s families, say child poverty campaigners

Published on: 
22 June 2010

Commenting on the Chancellor’s Emergency Budget Statement, John Dickie, Head of the Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland, said:

“Today’s Budget fails Scotland’s families, as it does families across the UK. The fact that the best the Chancellor could say was that child poverty will not increase will be of little comfort to the 260 000 children in Scotland already living below the poverty line. The extra investment in child tax credit is welcome but will be outweighed by the freezing of child benefit, the cuts in maternity grants and other vital benefits and the devastatingly disproportionate impact of the VAT increase, never mind wider public spending cuts.

"The Coalition Government will need to give far more support to families if their promises of fairness and to eradicate child poverty are serious.“

Notes for editors

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John Dickie, Head of CPAG in Scotland, on 0141 552 3656 or 07795 340 61802

  • Child Poverty Action Group’s manifesto was published in March 2009.
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