Benefit cap hits children hardest | CPAG

Benefit cap hits children hardest

Published on: 
27 January 2015

Responding today to reports that the Government wants to impose a more severe benefit cap of £23,000 pa per household, Alison Garnham, Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action Group, said:

“Let’s be absolutely clear. The benefit cap is at least nine times more likely to affect children than adults (1), and the majority of adults it hits are lone parents, many of whom have children so young even the Government recognises they should not be required to work.

“On the day that a major programme of research by academics from leading universities shows families with young children have been more impoverished than anyone else in recent years, we have another policy push that would undercut the most vulnerable.

“Britain is facing a looming child poverty crisis; lowering the benefit cap would bring it several steps closer. It would pile on the misery for working and non-working families already struggling to pay for absolute basics. Surely it would also fail the Prime Minister’s own family test. Rather than taking away money from the poorest, politicians of all parties need to tackle the root causes of higher social security spending which include soaring childcare and housing costs and low pay.”


Note to Editors:

(1) 1 DWP Household Benefit Entitlement Equality Impact Assessment -

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