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New blog from our food bank advisors

22 July 2015
Many people who use foodbanks have had their benefits sanctioned. Where's the promised government support?

A view from the foodbank frontline

01 June 2015
Our Welfare Rights Advisor Dan Norris blogs on the benefits problems experienced by foodbank users in Tower Hamlets.

Take action: government needs to listen to the evidence on food banks

08 December 2014
Our research found that many people who use food banks are driven by failures in the benefits system.

Sanctioning hunger?

26 November 2014
If I need to take a day off work, I don’t usually lose one month’s salary as a result. However, if you’re claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)....

Ask CPAG Online goes live

24 November 2014
Ask CPAG Online is a new information and advice service from the advice and rights team at Child Poverty Action Group.