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New benefit cap stats out today

22 March 2022
Families subject to the benefit cap will see the real value of their benefits fall by a monumental £1,840 per year in London and £1,600 outside the capital from April when inflation is expected to reach 8%, our new analysis shows.

Second benefits cut is unthinkable - organisations call for minimum 7% benefits rise

17 March 2022
Benefits must keep pace with the rising cost of living. Child Poverty Action Group joins forces with over 50 organisations to call for benefits to be increased by at least 7 per cent in April to match inflation.

UC families face £570 income cut as costs surge

15 February 2022
DWP figures out today show 3.6 million children were in families on universal credit (UC) in November. Because UC is set to rise by only 3.1% this April when inflation is expected to peak at 7.25%, most of these families face a real-terms cut of around £570 per year in social security support, just as supermarket prices and energy costs surge, new analysis from Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) shows.

Legal update

10 February 2020
Our legal team has had a busy start to the new year. Last week we learned we had been successful in our High Court case challenging the fact that the higher rate of bereavement support payment for families with children is currently only paid if a spouse or civil partner dies, and not when the couple were not married or in a civil partnership. This follows a similar challenge to the previous widowed parent’s allowance – the Supreme Court found in favour of a mother and her four children in that case, but, although the law is not compatible with human rights law, the government has still not resolved the issue.

Big jump in capped households

03 August 2017
Today's DWP figures show a huge rise in the number of families hit by the benefit cap - 7 in 10 are single parents with young children and most are not required to work.

Looking for families affected by the benefit cap

09 August 2016
This autumn the benefit cap will be cut, squeezing low-income families even further and pushing more people into poverty. We are looking for test cases to legally challenge the benefit cap. If you are an adviser and have clients currently affected by the cap, we would like to hear from you.

Why we're worried about the impact of the benefit cap on children

13 October 2015
We're urging the government to protect children from the benefit cap.

Benefit cap breaches children’s rights, says Supreme Court

18 March 2015
Supreme Court judges have criticised the Government’s benefit cap for breaching international law on the rights of children.

Court of Appeal ruling on Benefit Cap

21 February 2014
The Court of Appeal has today dismissed a case that CPAG intervened in that was brought in relation to the way the cap disproportionately affects women. The Court found that the cap discriminates against women, but that this discrimination was not "manifestly without reasonable foundation" and was therefore lawful.