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The impact of the cost of living crisis on children: Brian's experience

10 June 2022
My name is Brian, I am a single parent to one daughter, we live in the south of England and I claim disability benefits. The impact on children due to the rising cost of living is heartbreaking and will have a long term impact on them. Being a single parent with a teenage daughter is tough enough but now we are having to make cutbacks to the bare minimum. My daughter now has to live in a cold, dark home as I am unable to afford the rising cost of gas and electricity, which is having a real impact on her studies during exam times. My daughter is 16 years old and currently studying hard for her GCSEs and looking forward to continuing studies for her A levels after the summer.

Pwysigrwydd cefnogaeth ysgol yn ystod yr argyfwng costau byw

20 May 2022
Rydym yn siarad gyda llawer o deuluoedd fel rhan o brosiect Cost y Diwrnod Ysgol. Mae hyn yn rhoi gipolwg gwerthfawr ar farn rhieni ynghylch costau ysgol mewn tirwedd economaidd sy'n fwyfwy heriol.

The importance of school support during the cost of living crisis

20 May 2022
We talk to lots of families as part of our Cost of the School Day project. This gives us a valuable insight into how parents perceive school costs within an increasingly challenging economic landscape.

All children should experience the joy of school fun

30 March 2022
Francesca Hogg, Children North East’s Poverty Proofing Practice Advisor, writes about the costs and resources required for fun events at school and the worry they can cause children and their families.

It’s hard to catch up when poverty holds you back

29 March 2022
Children have told us time and time again that poverty gets in the way of being able to make the most of learning and school life. And the data backs this up – children who live in homes with less money are less likely to do well at school.

Extra time to tackle child poverty in Welsh schools

15 December 2021
Last week, the Welsh education minister Jeremy Miles announced a £2 million programme to trial new approaches to the timing of the school day. In the two-year pilot, participating schools will provide learners with the opportunity to take part in music, art, sports, and other activities after core school hours, to build rich social and cultural knowledge. As well as supporting individual children’s health and wellbeing, the policy could also be a powerful way of addressing child poverty in the round.

Making festive fun more inclusive

02 December 2021
For many children, the run-up to the Christmas holidays is packed with excitement, twinkling lights and glitter. However, this fun and festivity also means additional school-related expenses for families. Our blog explores how these cost pressures can affect families and children, and how schools can shift towards a more inclusive festive season.

Let’s not stop at school uniform

20 November 2021
The release of the new statutory guidance for schools in England on uniform on Friday was welcome news, but let's not stop there.

Challenge Poverty Week guest blog: Reducing the Cost of the School Day with #YSAttain

06 October 2021
At the Cost of the School Day project we know that costs throughout the school day can pile pressure on families and affect young people’s participation, learning and wellbeing. This Challenge Poverty Week, we hear from our partners at Young Scot about how their #YSAttain project is helping young people take part and saving their families money.

Time for Lunch: why children in poverty are currently denied free school meals

03 September 2021
For children living in poverty, school should be a place where they can access learning and essential opportunities in the same way as their peers. Free school meals should be available so children can eat during their school day without any worry and parents have one less thing to think about. That way, children can focus on learning, playing and fully participating in their education. Unfortunately, for more than a third of children in poverty in the UK, access to a free daily meal at school is denied.