35,000 more families face benefit cap next year

21 June 2022
4000 Scottish households already affected new DWP figures show more than 300,000 children across UK  in households already capped  “cost of living crisis shows the UK government’s benefit cap is broken, and needs to go” say child poverty campaigners

35,000 more families face benefit cap next year

21 June 2022
Around 35,000 more families could have their benefits capped next April, leaving them with a growing gulf between their income and rising costs, new Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) analysis shows.

Improving relationships with the DWP: Aurora's experience

17 June 2022
I have found this whole cost of living subject a difficult one for us in particular. It is topical at the moment and is a constant weight on my mind. There's no escape, everywhere I turn, it’s all around me. The TV, the news and social media. I’m tired of it and the continuous daily struggle. I feel we’ve been experiencing and have been living this for some time.

Benefits overview - training

15 June 2022
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The impact of the cost of living crisis on children: Brian's experience

10 June 2022
My name is Brian, I am a single parent to one daughter, we live in the south of England and I claim disability benefits. The impact on children due to the rising cost of living is heartbreaking and will have a long term impact on them. Being a single parent with a teenage daughter is tough enough but now we are having to make cutbacks to the bare minimum. My daughter now has to live in a cold, dark home as I am unable to afford the rising cost of gas and electricity, which is having a real impact on her studies during exam times. My daughter is 16 years old and currently studying hard for her GCSEs and looking forward to continuing studies for her A levels after the summer.

800,000 children in poverty not getting free school meals

09 June 2022
1 in 3 school-age children in England living in poverty (800,000) miss out on free school meals despite cost of living struggles of families. The main causes are restrictive eligibility criteria and lack of universal provision.

The cost of living response: why it's time to focus more squarely on need

06 June 2022
Last month, chancellor Rishi Sunak stood before the dispatch box and delivered his third and most significant budgetary response to the current cost of living crisis. As he announced the measures, he pledged: 'We need to make sure that for those whom the struggle is too hard…and for whom the risks are too great…they are supported… We will make sure the most vulnerable and the least well off get the support they need at this time of difficulty.'

Response to Scottish spending review

01 June 2022
“Absolutely right that tackling child poverty is a top priority” say campaigners in response to Scottish spending review

Response to latest Scottish child payment statistics

01 June 2022
John Dickie responds to the Scottish child payment statistics published on 31st May 2022

Does it meet the need? A response to the chancellor’s statement

26 May 2022
‘This government will not sit idly by whilst there is a risk that some in our country might be set so far back they might never recover’, said chancellor Rishi Sunak in the opening remarks to his statement this afternoon. But does this ring true? Did his announcements offer a sign of hope for families?