Tackling poverty together: a guide for schools in Wales

02 December 2022
In this guide we set out some small steps schools can take to help make learning more accessible for children and families living in poverty in Wales.


Diben Calendr Cost y Diwrnod Ysgol ydy helpu ysgolion adnabod rhwystrau cost posibl yn ystod y flwyddyn academaidd ac ystyried rhai opsiynau gwahanol er mwyn sicrhau bod pob plentyn a pherson ifanc yn gallu cymryd rhan lawn mewn addysg. Drwyddi draw rydym wedi cynnwys syniadau ac enghreifftiau arfer da gan ysgolion o Gymru, Lloegr a’r Alban sydd wedi cymryd rhan ym mhrosiect Cost y Diwrnod Ysgol.

Cost of the School Day calendar 2023-24

The Cost of the School Day calendar aims to help schools identify possible cost barriers during the academic year and think about some alternative approaches to make sure all children and young people can fully participate in education. Throughout the calendar, we’ve included ideas and good practice examples from schools across England, Scotland and Wales who have taken part in the Cost of the School Day project.

Pwysigrwydd cefnogaeth ysgol yn ystod yr argyfwng costau byw

20 May 2022
Rydym yn siarad gyda llawer o deuluoedd fel rhan o brosiect Cost y Diwrnod Ysgol. Mae hyn yn rhoi gipolwg gwerthfawr ar farn rhieni ynghylch costau ysgol mewn tirwedd economaidd sy'n fwyfwy heriol.

The importance of school support during the cost of living crisis

20 May 2022
We talk to lots of families as part of our Cost of the School Day project. This gives us a valuable insight into how parents perceive school costs within an increasingly challenging economic landscape.

Students and benefits ebulletin - March 2022

Students and benefits online training, claiming benefits when a course ends, and more

'You have to take it back to the bricks’: Reforming emergency support to reduce demand for food banks

22 March 2022
Emergency support plays a small but vital role in the social security system. It is there to help families through one-off shocks that cause a sudden drop in income or increase in costs, such as the onset of a health problem or the washing machine breaking down. But, in practice, many families are not getting the support they need when they need it, and this is contributing to the rising demand for food banks.

Reducing the cost of the school day in Wales | Lleihau cost y diwrnod ysgol yng Nghymru

16 March 2022
Schools across Wales are working hard to ensure the inclusion and participation of children from low-income families. However, this briefing highlights areas repeatedly brought up by children, their families and by school staff as barriers that prevent learners from taking part, feeling happy and being able to make the most of the school day.

Parents and carers’ views on reform of the school day and year in Wales

04 March 2022
This paper details the findings of a survey by Child Poverty Action Group and Parentkind, which sought to better understand the views of parents and carers in Wales on breakfast clubs, after-school provision and extra-curricular opportunities. We also asked parents and carers for their views on the length of the school year.