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Payments for children

Overview of the support available for children in Scotland

Prisoners and universal credit

Your universal credit is affected if you are in prison.

New £10 Scottish Child Payment a game-changer – and a pointer to what’s needed across the UK

04 July 2019
The new £10 a week Scottish Child Payment for each child in low income families, announced by the Scottish Government last week, is a game-changer in the fight to end child poverty in Scotland - and a pointer to what is possible, and so badly needed, at UK level. It’s also an inspiring reminder of what can be achieved when child poverty campaigners bring together partners across civic society at the same time where there is a political will, and a government with a statutory obligation, to end child poverty.

Scottish child payment

A new benefit for children living in lower income families in Scotland, available from December 2020.

Two-child limit taking a heavy toll on family life, new survey finds

26 June 2019

New Scottish Child Payment "an absolute game changer in fight to end child poverty" say campaigners

26 June 2019

Kids can't wait for the income supplement, civil society tells First Minister

24 June 2019

Students and benefits e-bulletin June 2019

Student handbook online update, claiming benefits in the summer, new caselaw, factsheets and more