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Cost of the School Day Spotlight 1: North Ayrshire Council

17 May 2021
In the first of four blog posts showcasing different Cost of the School Day approaches in Scottish local authorities, Councillor Robert Foster of North Ayrshire Council tells us about the development of their exciting new whole systems approach.

Tax credits - reporting changes

This factsheet sets out the main changes of circumstances that must be reported to HMRC, and how they affect a tax credits award.

Tax credits and penalties

This factsheet sets out when penalties can be imposed on tax credit claimants and what you can do to challenge it.

Tax credits: challenging decisions

This factsheet explains what you can do if you disagree with a decision that HMRC has made about your entitlement to tax credits.

Tax credits and complaints

This factsheet sets out the formal procedures for making a complaint about your tax credits.

Assessment delays for ill health and disability - update report

12 May 2021
An update to the report we published at the beginning of 2021 highlighting that delays carrying out assessments for disability benefits meant that many disabled people were not receiving or were losing support intended to help them meet the additional costs of their disability.

Tax credits and self-employment

This factsheet explains tax credits for people who are self-employed.