Your work your way

28 November 2023
Potential second earners in couple families, usually mothers, face high barriers to employment. Mothers typically face more barriers to work than fathers in couples, particularly because of issues relating to childcare and time spent out of the labour market due to caring responsibilities. To evaluate barriers to work faced by this group and identify solutions to these barriers, Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) designed and delivered the Your Work Your Way (YWYW) project – an employment support scheme that worked with 70 potential second earners in couples.

How school costs make it harder to go to school

05 October 2023
Pupils and parents have told us that costs associated with going to school and stretched family finances are affecting children’s attendance, as Georgina Burt explains in this blog.

'There is only so much we can do' - school staff in England

19 September 2023
People working in schools witness the impact of poverty on children and families on a daily basis, and the scale and severity of the problem mean schools are reeling up against it. To understand exactly how child poverty affects the whole school system in England, the Education Anti-Poverty Coalition, convened by Child Poverty Action Group, has conducted a first-of-its-kind survey of professionals working in every role in schools in England.

Child poverty pushing schools to the brink – staff forced off core roles to cope

19 September 2023
First-of-its kind-survey finds 79% of school staff in England say time must be diverted from allocated roles to combat child poverty.

Free school meals: third of kids in poverty miss out

19 July 2023
There is only one part of the school day that is means-tested – lunchtime. We believe that all school children should be offered a balanced and filling school meal each day without cost. But a third of school-age children in England (900,000) living in poverty miss out on free school meals.

By region: number of children in poverty not eligible for free school meals

01 September 2022
New CPAG analysis shows number of children in poverty in each region missing out on free school meals as cost of living crisis bites.

Cost of the School Day calendar 2023-24

The Cost of the School Day calendar aims to help schools identify possible cost barriers during the academic year and think about some alternative approaches to make sure all children and young people can fully participate in education. Throughout the calendar, we’ve included ideas and good practice examples from schools across England, Scotland and Wales who have taken part in the Cost of the School Day project.

The case for before- and after-school clubs

19 July 2022
From breakfast clubs to sports activities, before- and after-school provision benefits children and their families hugely. These clubs and activities help children engage with learning and feel fulfilled at school, and they help parents financially by allowing them to work or take up more hours. Unfortunately, many families don’t get to benefit from these clubs, either because they’re too expensive or because they’re not available.

800,000 children in poverty not getting free school meals

09 June 2022
1 in 3 school-age children in England living in poverty (800,000) miss out on free school meals despite cost of living struggles of families. The main causes are restrictive eligibility criteria and lack of universal provision.