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New Scottish Child Payment "an absolute game changer in fight to end child poverty" say campaigners

26 June 2019

All Kids Count – stories from families affected by the two-child limit

26 June 2019
This week we heard directly from some of the very many families affected by the two-child limit. Reading their stories has been profoundly moving. These are families trying to ensure their children thrive, hampered by an arbitrary policy that denies them the support they need from our social security system when they experience tough times.

Survey finds two-child limit is taking heavy toll on family life

26 June 2019
The first detailed research on the impact of the two-child limit in tax credits and universal credit, All Kids Count: the impact of the two-child limit after two years, reveals the scale of suffering in families affected by the policy with parents reporting that they are being forced to cut back on fresh food for children, unable to cover essential utility bills, accruing debt and being forced to withdraw older children from activities like swimming lessons and school trips.

What does Brexit mean for social policy in the UK?

Issue 163 (Summer 2019)
The expected date for Britain to leave the European Union, March 29 2019, has come and gone, but the nature of the UK’s future relationship with the European Union remains uncertain.

Sustainable Development Goals and poverty in the UK

Issue 163 (Summer 2019)
The United Nations’ Agenda 2030 was agreed at a global level in 2015. It set out 17 ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ on a range of social and environmental issues, to be achieved by all countries.

Editorial: Poverty 163

Issue 163 (Summer 2019)
Spring saw the release of new poverty figures for the UK. This year they did not show a rise on the main headline measure we use (relative child poverty after housing costs), but did show alarming jumps in so-called ‘absolute’ child poverty.

Tackling child poverty in London primary schools

Issue 163 (Summer 2019)
The impact of poverty on children’s education is well documented and many schools are now developing initiatives to support children and families who are living on a low income.

Child Poverty Action Group welcomes Supreme Court judgment in Samuels v Birmingham City Council

12 June 2019
Ms Samuels applied to Birmingham City Council for housing assistance in June 2012 and July 2013, having fallen into rent arrears because of a substantial shortfall (just over £150 per month) between the rent on her private tenancy and her housing benefit of £550 a month.

A package to restore benefits for children could lift more than 700,000 children out of poverty

05 June 2019
Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) is calling for re-investment in social security support for the UK’s children in a new report detailing the costs of restoring a catalogue of cuts to social security - including sub-inflationary uprating since 2013/14 - and providing a blueprint for making universal credit fit for families.

Universal credit: what needs to change

05 June 2019
Universal credit: what needs to change to reduce child poverty and make it fit for families? calls for design and funding changes to improve claimants’ experience of universal credit and to reduce child poverty.