Keep the lifeline. Stop the £20 cut.

The government is planning to cut universal credit and working tax credit by £20 a week in October. This money has been a lifeline for families across the country. It was brought in at the start of the pandemic because the government recognised that families need more to live on. It was true then and it’s still true now. It’s wrong for the government to take this support away.

Together we need to persuade MPs and the government to #KeepTheLifeline for children and families.

If you will be affected by the cut, you can share your views with your MP here

If you won’t be affected personally, you can write to your MP here

We know that the cut will be devastating to families:

“The removal of the £20 uplift will mean I will have to choose between heating my home and myself and my husband eating.” Lexie, parent and Covid Realities participant

“Taking this £20 away from me and my child could mean I can't afford to pay the extra for my rent driving me into rent arrears.” Teddy, parent and Covid Realities participant

Even before the pandemic there were 4.3 million children growing up in poverty in the UK, that is 9 children in a classroom of 30. Families already struggling to keep the gas and electric on, buy new school uniforms and pay for the food shop will lose out on more than £80 a month.

Thank you for your support.

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