Fuel Rights Handbook

Front cover of Fuel Rights Handbook 20th editionThanks to funding from the Indigo Trust and the Clothworkers Foundation, our Fuel Rights Handbook is free to access on AskCPAG, our website for advisers.

The aim of the book is to tackle fuel poverty by acting as a guide to the rights of consumers and the problems they face.

How to use the handbook

  • Look at the table of contents or the index to find the topic you’re looking for. 
  • Use the endnote references at the end of each chapter as an authority for any actions you take.
  • Find key legal sources in chapter 14.
  • Use the appendices for additional material and information.
  • We use abbreviations in the text to save space. We explain the abbreviated term the first time it appears in a section, or you can look it up in the list of abbreviations.

Where to find the handbook

Go to the Fuel Rights Handbook on AskCPAG.

Other handbooks on AskCPAG

When you’re using the Fuel Rights Handbook, you might come across references to other CPAG handbooks for more detail on specific topics, such as benefits or dealing with debt. Some of these, eg the Debt Advice Handbook are also available to view for free. Others are available to subscribers only. Find out more about our Subscriptions.

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