First press release

The attached papers are not for publication prior to 4pm on Thursday, 23rd December 1965

Press Release

The Child Poverty Action Group is to present the attached letter and Memorandum to the Prime Minister at No.10 Downing Street at 2pm on Thursday 23rd December 1965. Following this a press conference will be held at Toynbee Hall, Commercial Street, E1 at 4pm.

The Child Poverty Action Group is a small group of social workers and sociologists who have become aware of the problem of family poverty in the course of their work and have met together periodically to see what action might be taken to alleviate it. You will see that many distinguished men and women with a professional understanding of the matter have joined them to bring the problem to the notice of the Prime Minister and urge that action be taken to alleviate it as soon as possible.

We hope you will be able to be present at Toynbee Hall at 4pm.

Child Poverty Action Group
207 Marylebone Road
London N.W.1.