Benefits for new refugees

January 2022
This factsheet is for people who have been granted refugee status, indefinite leave to remain, humanitarian protection or discretionary leave – as long as one of these applies to you, you have the same rights to benefits as UK nationals.

Kinship carers and universal credit

Kinship care
This factsheet explains the universal credit rules for kinship carers.

Care-experienced young people and benefits: giving good advice

Produced in conjunction with STAF, this factsheet explains the special benefit rules affecting some young care leavers and young people in 'continuing care'.

Benefits and tax credits for students

October 2021
Overview of benefits and tax credits for students in Scotland

Benefits for young people in further education or training

October 2021
This factsheet covers the special rules that apply for young people in further education, or on certain training courses.

Benefits for disabled students

October 2021
If you are a full-time student with a long-term illness or disability you may be able to stay on benefits while you are studying.

Parents claiming for young people in further education or training

October 2021
Factsheet explaining when a parent, or someone responsible for a child, can continue to claim benefit for a child aged 16 or over.

Personal independence payment assessment

This factsheet sets out the descriptors, points and definitions for the PIP assessment.

Supporting clients with no money

Potential sources of support that may be available when clients are without money because of benefit delays, sanctions or some other crisis.