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Our response to the Fairer Council Tax consultation

06 September 2023
Our response to the Scottish government and COSLA's consultation on fairer council tax.

Priorities for the 2023-24 Programme for Government

08 August 2023
Tackling child poverty in Scotland is a priority for the Scottish government, and the government's policies are working to reduce child poverty. However more needs to be done to ensure Scotland meets it's legally binding child poverty targets. We have set out what the Scottish government's spending priorities should be to ensure child poverty targets are met. 

Cost of Living and ChildPoverty : Scottish Government Debate: Briefing for MSPs

10 April 2023
On 18th April, the Scottish Parliament will hold a debate - 'Supporting Scotland with Cost of Living and Reducing Child Poverty'. This is the MSP briefing CPAG has produced for that debate.

End Child Poverty Scotland's Scottish Budget 2023 briefing

14 December 2022
A Budget for ending child poverty : Our priorities for the 2023 Scottish budget


13 December 2022
We welcome the commitment from the Scottish government that tackling child poverty is a top priority. Scottish government policies are working. However, soaring inflation and real terms UK benefit cuts in 2022 mean the gap between family incomes and the minimum cost of raising a child is widening horribly. It is more important than ever that all budget decisions are developed through a child poverty lens to understand the direct and indirect impacts on low-income families.

The Cost of a child in Scotland in 2022 - update

13 December 2022
A report commissioned by the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland from the Centre for Research in Social Policy at Loughborough University has found a widening gap between the cost of raising a child in Scotland and actual family incomes, despite the significant impact of Scottish government policies and lower childcare costs.

Briefing for Scottish Government Debate:Progress on the Automation and Take-up of Scottish Social Security Benefits

02 November 2022
A briefing for the debate in the Scottish Parliament : Progress on the Automation and Take-up of Scottish Social Security Benefits, looking at the importance of data sharing for automation, and the importance of universalism for take-up.

Scottish child payment - what next?

14 October 2022
Did you miss our event on the future of the Scottish child payment? The slides are now available.

Scottish Government Debate: Programme for Government – Cost of Living CPAG BRIEFING

07 September 2022