We will keep this page updated with relevant information about the coronavirus (COVID-19), families and social security.

Press statements


Poverty in the pandemic: An update on the impact of coronavirus on low-income families and children

Poverty in the pandemic: The impact of coronavirus on low-income families and children

The Cost of Learning in Lockdown: family experiences of school closures

Supporting families during the COVID-19 pandemic


Our 2021 budget submission

Capped in the New Year - a briefing on the increasing reach of the benefit cap

Advance to debt [external site] – what happens when deductions are made to benefit payments?

Digital exclusion during the pandemic

Using COVID-19 funding to tackle child poverty: Guidance for local councils in England

Cash in a crisis: a briefing on how local authorities are spending the hardship money they have been allocated by central government and good practice with local welfare assistance schemes.


Through our Early Warning Systems in Scotland and England, Wales and Northern Ireland, we are seeing some of the gaps in the social security system children and families affected by the pandemic are facing, and highlighting these in regular briefings:

We are also producing regular digests of all the problems that are cropping up through the Early Warning System in Scotland.


We and Children North East wrote an open letter to Gavin Williamson on home learning

We have written with over 60 others to the Chancellor about the need to increase child benefit.

We have written with 50 others to the Guardian about the need to lift the two-child limit and benefit cap.

Press statements

7 January 2020 - One million Covid-19 universal credit claimants have deductions from benefits
22 December 2020 - Capped in the New Year
14 December 2020 - New survey shows deteriorating living standards for low-income families as a result of Covid-19
26 November 2020 - 170,000 households hit by benefit cap
31 August 2020 - Low-income parents relying on child benefit for household basics
25 August 2020 - New survey: the toll of lockdown on low-income families
6 August 2020 - COVID-capped
18 June 2020 - The cost of learning in lockdown
12 June 2020 - CPAG welcomes new government money for local welfare assistance and urges councils to now adapt schemes to widen access
5 May 2020 - Thousands of families tipped on to universal credit by Covid-19 getting no support for infants – call to suspend two-child limit
7 April 2020 - Our joint letter to the Chancellor calling for emergency Covid-19 child benefit rise
26 March 2020 - Our response to latest child poverty statistics: poverty continues to rise as pandemic response falls short for families
20 March 2020 - Our response to Chancellor's announcements on supporting jobs during Covid-19
19 March 2020 - Children's charities, parents groups, teaching unions and churches in Scotland unite in call for cash payment for families as schools close
19 March 2020 - Our call for Scottish councils to make cash payments to hard up families as schools close
16 March 2020 - Our call for emergency child payment for families hit by school closures


21 January 2021 - Security and solidarity in our social security system
22 December 2020 - My rent alone takes up 95% of the benefits I receive...
3 September 2020 - Learning after lockdown: school bells herald extra costs
21 August 2020 - Mind the Gaps: social security during the pandemic
16 July 2020 - The two-child limit now affects almost one million children – and it is being implemented when poverty is rising for larger families
14 July 2020 - Covid realities: monitoring from the front line
3 July 2020 - Cost of learning in lockdown: Anna’s story
25 June 2020 - Cost of learning in lockdown: Hannah’s story
21 May 2020 - Has the government forgotten children during Covid-19?
14 May 2020 - Increasing child benefit: five tests, five ticks?
13 May 2020 - Unemployment support post Covid: learning from the job retention scheme
12 May 2020 - Families hit harder because nothing for children in Covid-19 response
1 May 2020 - Supporting children through the pandemic: why we need a Coronavirus Emergency Income Support Scheme
23 April 2020 - Documenting the experiences of low-income families during the pandemic: the ethical challenges
21 April 2020 - The impact of school closures on children living in poverty in Wales
9 April 2020 - Mind the gaps – reporting on families’ incomes during the pandemic
26 March 2020 - Poor children need a coronavirus bonus

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