Louisa McGeehan | CPAG

Louisa McGeehan

Director of policy, rights and advocacy


Louisa joined CPAG as director of policy, rights and advocacy in April 2018. Prior to this she worked in leadership roles across a range of public services and in the not-for-profit sector in the fields of children’s services, the NHS, family law and the justice system. Louisa has led policy, communications and engagement for the family law group Resolution, HM Courts Service and an NHS Community Healthcare Trust. She has also worked with government in strategy and engagement roles on a number of complex public service change programmes. Most recently, she supported the Independent Monitoring Boards of prisons and immigration removal centres to develop their advocacy and engagement work.

Louisa first became a supporter of CPAG while studying law at the University of North London, using CPAG handbooks extensively for courses on social security and housing law.

By Louisa McGeehan

UN Rapporteur’s report a ‘wake-up call’ on UK poverty

19 November 2018
When the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Professor Philip Alston, completed his 10 day visit to the UK on 16 November, he found that the poverty he had observed was unjust and, in his opinion, contrary to British values.