Staff profiles | CPAG

Staff profiles

Alison Garnham

Chief executive

Joyce Materego

Director of finance and resources

John Dickie

Director of CPAG in Scotland

Naomi Jessop

Director of business

Louisa McGeehan

Director of policy, rights and advocacy

Josephine Tucker

Head of policy and research

Mark Willis

Welfare rights adviser

Jen Gracie

Policy and parliamentary officer

Alice Woudhuysen

London campaign manager

Sophie Howes

Senior policy and research officer

Lizzie Flew

Senior communications and campaigns officer

Jane Ahrends

Press officer

Kate Anstey

UK Cost of the School Day project lead

Dan Norris

Head of advice and rights

Kelly-Marie Jones

Welfare rights adviser, Early Warning System

Jess Strode

Judicial review project worker

Ali Lord

Welfare rights adviser, Advice Line Project

Angela Toal

Welfare rights adviser, Student and Benefits Project

Kirsty McKechnie

Welfare rights adviser, Early Warning System

Barbara Donegan

Welfare rights adviser

Jo Blyth

Marketing, PR and Administrative Officer

Carla Clarke

Head of strategic litigation

Tom Lee

Senior policy analyst

Lynsey Dalton

Trainee solicitor