CPAG Welfare Rights Conference 2016

Universal Credit - next steps

Owen Smith at CPAG Welfare Rights Conference

Manchester Thursday 8 September 2016
London Friday 16 September 2016

The next few years will bear witness to a huge change in the welfare rights environment, with the full Universal Credit service set to be rolled out to over one hundred local authority areas during 2016-17, and across all 381 local authorities by June 2018.

Our conferences informed, analysed and sparked discussion about the emerging challenges and problem areas with the new Universal Credit benefit. It offered an invaluable opportunity to hear from expert speakers, attend focused workshops, and network and share ideas with advisers from across the country. Increasingly, families and the advisers working with families will need to understand how Universal Credit is supposed to work, who wins and who loses, and the lessons to learn from the early implementation of the new system.


Universal Credit Housing Costs 

David Simmons, Welfare Rights Worker at CPAG

This workshop will examine issues arising from the replacement of Housing Benefit (HB) with a Universal Credit (UC) housing costs element, including:

• The transfer of claimants from HB onto UC

• Eligibility for, and calculation of, UC housing costs

• Forthcoming cuts to entitlement

• Administrative issues, including direct payments to landlords

Universal Credit: the full service (previously titled UC Digital Roll-Out)
Simon Osborne, Welfare Rights Worker at CPAG

Universal Credit is being rolled-out to all new claimants, via the introduction of the ‘full-service’ (formerly referred to as the ‘digital service’).

This workshop will look at the latest plans and legislation, and consider what the full service means for claimants. Topics covered will include:

• Roll-out plans and timetable

• Navigating UC legislation

• Consequences: lobster pots, problems and practicalities

Employment and Support Allowance and Universal Credit - 'substantial risk'
Dan Norris and Nizam Ahmed, Welfare Rights Workers at CPAG

This workshop examines the provisions in the Employment and Support Allowance and Universal Credit regimes that allow claimants to be treated as having limited capability for work-related activity on the grounds of ‘substantial risk’ to health.

Topics covered will include the legislative framework for the ‘substantial risk’ provisions, significant case law and tactical issues.

Human Rights Challenges in Social Security Cases
Sophie Earnshaw, CPAG Trainee Solicitor and Martin Williams, Welfare Rights Worker at CPAG

In several recent high profile cases, the Courts have considered the application of the Human Rights Act 1988 to welfare reform, including the bedroom tax, the benefit cap, the past presence test and the Work Programme.

This workshop will provide an overview of these cases and a guide on using human rights arguments effectively in tribunal proceedings.

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Megan Jarvie at CPAG Welfare Rights Conference

CPAG Welfare Rights Conference 2016

CPAG Welfare Rights Conference 2016