Universal credit

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Universal credit is a new benefit for people of working age, who are in or out of work. It is due to be introduced from October 2013 for new claims. 

This page lists all our resources on universal credit.

Universal Credit Early Warning System

Send us your case examples!

As the roll-out of universal credit gathers pace, we’d like to start building an evidence base on how the new benefit is affecting the health and wellbeing of children, their families and the communities and services that support them.

Building on the success of CPAG in Scotland’s Early Warning System, we are launching an Early Warning System for the rest of the UK beginning with cases relating to universal credit. We’d like to hear from you if you have cases that illustrate how universal credit is being implemented in practice, whether claimants are better or worse off than under the old system and how the new and old systems are being integrated. We will use the information gathered, in conjunction with evidence from CPAG in Scotland’s Early Warning System, to –

  • alert the DWP, local authorities and other interested parties to the issues raised with a view to influencing policy and working to get administrative problems resolved;
  • gather cases for our test case work ; and
  • ensure that advisers are kept up to date with the latest universal credit developments through our training, publications and Ask CPAG online resources.

So, if you are an adviser in England, Wales or Northern Ireland and have a case which illustrates how the new benefit is working for claimants, please complete our Universal Credit Early Warning System form (saving it to your computer first) and email it to ews@cpag.org.uk

NB – advisers in Scotland should continue to submit case examples on all welfare reforms, including universal credit, to CPAG in Scotland’s Early Warning System.

Key resources

  • Housing costs for 18 to 21 year olds

    Issue 258 (June 2017)

    Gwyneth King considers changes removing entitlement to universal credit (UC) housing costs for some 18–21-year-olds.

  • Universal Credit - full service

    Level: Standard

    training course

    The roll out of universal credit (UC) full service is underway. Many more people claim UC in the full service, including families, those with health conditions and those in work. People need to make and maintain their claims online.

    This course draws on experience emerging from areas where UC full service is operating. You will learn who is affected, how best to support them, particularly those who are vulnerable or in difficult circumstances, and also have a chance to refresh your knowledge of UC entitlement and calculations.

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  • ESA and UC: components axed

    Issue 257 (April 2017)

    The employment and support allowance (ESA) component for work-related activity and the universal credit (UC) element for limited capability for work have been abolished from 3 April 2017. Simon Osborne describes the rules, including who can still be entitled.

  • Universal credit: problems and solutions

    Issue 256 (February 2017)

    The roll out of the live and now full universal credit (UC) services has highlighted a number of problems. In some cases, these are caused primarily by interpretation of legislation and, in others, by DWP policies and systems. Henri Krishna summarises some of the main problems CPAG has encountered and shares solutions where we have them.

  • Universal credit full service – early warning

    Issue 255 (December 2016)

    Kirsty McKechnie describes some early examples of problems with the operation of the ‘full service’ of universal credit, as reported to CPAG in Scotland’s Early Warning System.

  • Universal credit: alternative payment arrangements

    Issue 255 (December 2016)

    David Simmons examines the normal and alternative universal credit payment arrangements.

  • Universal credit and ‘natural migration’

    Issue 254 (October 2016)

    Simon Osborne looks at the circumstances in which a claimant with current entitlement to a ‘legacy’ benefit can end up on universal credit (UC) following a change in circumstances.

  • Housing benefit and universal credit

    Issue 253 (August 2016)

    David Simmons examines some of the complexities that can arise from the phased replacement of housing benefit (HB) by universal credit (UC).

  • Universal credit: full steam ahead

    Issue 251 (April 2016)

    Simon Osborne describes the latest plans for the roll out of universal credit (UC) and, in particular, the UC ‘full service’.1

    • 1. This process has already started: see, for example, provisions in SI 2016 No.33 and SI 2016 No.407.
  • Universal credit advances

    Issue 250 (February 2016)

    Robbie Spence considers rules and practices that apply to payments in advance of universal credit (UC).