Briefings and consultation responses - Scotland

  • Briefing for MSPs - Cuts to Child Tax Credits Debate Tuesday 25th April 2017

    April 2017

    Read this briefing for MSPS on the Cuts to Child Tax Credits debate in the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 25th April 2017. 

  • Health & Sport Committee Debate: Inquiry into the Preventative Health Agenda

    April 2017

    Increasing the financial resources available to families in Scotland will make a significant impact towards tackling the causes of poor health and prevent poverty-related demand on services.

    This briefing for MSPs for the Health and Sport Committee's Debate on the Inquiry into the Preventative Health Agenda highlights the impact that child poverty has on health inequalities.

  • Evidence on the Child Poverty (Scotland) Bill

    March 2017

    Read CPAG in Scotland's evidence for the Social Security Committee of the Scottish Parliament in advance of its consideration of the general principles of the Child Poverty (Scotland) Act 2017.

  • Consultation on universal credit flexibilities

    March 2017

    Read CPAG's response to the Scottish Government's consultation on its intention to use powers devolved by the Scotland Act 2016 to enable universal credit payments to be made fortnightly instead of monthly and to ensure tenants can have the housing costs element of their universal credit paid directly to their landlord. 

  • Guidance on the Scottish welfare fund

    February 2017

    Read CPAG's comments on how guidance for Scottish Welfare Fund decision makers coudl be improved to reflect the needs of claimants. 

  • Briefing for MSPs: A Budget to Tackle Child Poverty

    February 2017

    This briefing from a coalition of third sector, civil society and faith groups calls on MSPs to ensure the 2017/18 budget includes investment to start topping up child benefit by £5 a week in order to reduce child poverty and tackle food insecurity.

  • Using the Scottish Government's top-up powers - a detailed briefing

    February 2017

    This briefing provides a detailed overview of the advantages and disadvantages of using the Scottish Parliament's new social security top-up powers to increase the rate at which chld benefit and/or child tax credit is paid to households in Scotland.

  • A Blueprint for 2020: The expansion of early learning and childcare in Scotland

    January 2017

    Read CPAG in Scotland's response to the Scottish Government's plan to roll out an expentsion of free childcare hours in Scotland by 2020.

  • Comment on DHP Guidance

    January 2017

    Read CPAG's comments on how a draft Guidance Note on Discretionary Housing Payment might be improved in advance of the full devolution of DHP in April 2017.

  • CPAG briefing on the Draft Budget 17/18

    December 2016

    CPAG has outlined some of its key concerns in relation to the Scottish Government's draft budget 2017/18. In oder to address child poverty and contribute to the creation of a Fairer Scotland, CPAG believe the budget should inlcude a £5 top up to child benefit for all children in Scotland from next year.